The company has no budget, how to get product exposure?

Today’s article will be helpful for your promotion, product exposure, especially finding celebrities, bloggers, news media, and how to write e-mails and how to grasp celebrities’ mentality in the process, I think it is helpful to operations staff.

Okay, let’s start today’s topic!

We know that whether we are a mature company or just starting out, it is very important to let others have access to our products.

So choosing the right promotion channel is actually half the battle.

The following article will show you some ways to get the attention of some celebrities or journalists even with a limited fee, so as to get more traffic and sales for our business.

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What You Should Know as a Dropshipper to Run Your Business & Work with Us

In this article, let me briefly explain some basic ideas of how dropshippers can leverage our agency platform, what dropshippers should do to quote their ideal products for their online business, and the key points they should be aware of. We will organize this article by including different Q&A in logical sequence, so you can start anywhere with the questions you interested in.


Q1: As a dropshipper, what should you give to agents, if you want to quote a product that you want to sell on your own website?

A1: The information about the product you want, such as the pictures of this product or the link by which you can see the pictures of this product, and the destinaton countries where you want the products to be sent to. Read more

The relationship between DP and Shopify

If you want to be a member of the cross-border eCommerce shops, there’s a great way to do right now: set up store on Shopify and start dropshiping.

After all, in traditional eCommerce market, you need to waste a lot of resources on product inventory.

If you’re considering the new eCommerce model of drop shopping, inventory is no longer a problem. Since in this model, there is no need to have any inventory. You can devote most of your time to running the store and focusing on getting more orders.

I’ve made the point of everything you need to know in dropshipping very clear in this article. Dropshopping is, in fact, a very flexible management mode that is widely used on major cross-border eCommerce online stores, including Shopify.

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2020 Hot Selling Niche Products for daily life

1. Inflatable bed

Inflatable beds are an indispensable product for many camping enthusiasts. The products can basically be divided into one-person beds, two-person beds, electric, manual and built-in air pumps. Sellers can pay attention to the following peripheral products, including: pumps, inflatable pillows, moisture-proof cushions, blankets, storage supplies, etc.

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