TOP 4 Hot-selling Niche Products in 2020

1. Posture corrector

Due to living and working habits of modern people, many people have health problems in standing and sitting postures. They help users correct their standing postures while supporting the spine. Many physical therapists also recommend this product.


2. Muscle stimulator

In recent years, there has been a wave of fitness around the world. Accordingly, fitness equipment and wearables have become hot-selling products. Muscle stimulator is a product used to relax muscles after fitness. Fitness coaches or more professional fitness enthusiasts will buy.

3.Car mat

The auto parts market is one of the fastest-growing and large-scale categories on Amazon’s U.S. website, and through Google Trends we have seen that the search volume of this product has been steadily increasing, and there is no seasonality. Sellers of auto parts category can consider in-depth investigation on this product.

4.Cat massage comb

This is a phenomenal product. You can see from Google Trends that the product has shown a breakthrough upward trend. Foreign buyers are no less generous to pets than humans themselves, and the profit margin of this product is also very impressive.