The company has no budget, how to get product exposure?

Today’s article will be helpful for your promotion, product exposure, especially finding celebrities, bloggers, news media, and how to write e-mails and how to grasp celebrities’ mentality in the process, I think it is helpful to operations staff.

Okay, let’s start today’s topic!

We know that whether we are a mature company or just starting out, it is very important to let others have access to our products.

So choosing the right promotion channel is actually half the battle.

The following article will show you some ways to get the attention of some celebrities or journalists even with a limited fee, so as to get more traffic and sales for our business.

Because if the product does not have enough exposure and orders, it will be difficult for this company to maintain it.

How to get news exposure without traditional methods

I think that for all sellers who have done Amazon, especially electronic products, there are few people who don’t know the following technology news websites. I will list a few:

Obviously, as long as our product is reported by the reporter above, basically our listing will be stable. This is really because the traffic above is too large.

But also know that obtaining traditional news reports is a very difficult process.

Normally, reporters and editors spend a lot of time collecting a lot of material. Thousands of press releases are sent out every day, and it is not surprising that it is difficult to attract the attention of others.

Therefore, contacting blogs that target our niche market instead of directly pushing the product to traditional news media may be more effective.

Many times, we will find that there is a page on these blogs that allows us to submit product introductions.

The following blog is a good example

We can take advantage of this, and most importantly, it is completely free .

How to find good bloggers and celebrities?

In fact, we can use the powerful Google search function to query the information we need.

Just search for websites related to our products or niche on Google, and we can easily find blogs, journalists and celebrities who promote our products.

These blogs and celebrities are very valuable because their readers and fans are potential customers.

According to research reports, 92% of buyers trust products recommended by people they know, and 70% trust the suggestions and reviews they find online.

Here are some search sentences for everyone:

top X bloggers:

blogs like X

X product reviews

X influencers

X product influencers

We want to get as much information as possible. Names, email addresses, including where they live, all of this is very useful.

Be sure to check some of their recent jobs, because mentioning that you like their work when contacting them can be very helpful in building a good relationship.

If we don’t want to spend a lot of time on our own content, we can find some better writers from these channels.










Startup PR Agency | Press Release Distribution | Media Database

You don’t need to remember the above URL, just open our and we have already summarized it for you, you just need to bookmark our URL , as shown below:

This channel brings together the e-mail addresses and social profiles of more than 20,000 journalists, including information from companies such as Busniess Insider, Forbes, and Mashable.

We can quickly contact industry-related reporters through web search, saving a lot of time.

How to use product blogs to quickly develop our business?

One specific way to get news coverage is to show it on a blog dedicated to writing about new or interesting products. The following are some product blogs that have successfully promoted the website to obtain traffic and sales. We can all refer to them.



Cool Material




Gear Hungry

Gear Patrol

The Needs

Cool Hunting

The Manual

In Stash

The Awesomer

Shut up and Take My Money

I Waste So Much Money


Bless This Stuff

As you can see, because these websites have their own specific styles and formats, it is a little difficult to highlight the characteristics of our own products.

We need to study these blogs and try to make our product pictures consistent with the aesthetic style of their websites.

Sometimes there is no way to directly trace the person who manages these blogs. So if there is no obvious contact method, how can we find contact with them?

Here are some methods for you:

1、Use Google to check whether the blog is run by another company.

For example, the blog Uncrate works under Zombiecorp LLC. Inquire about uncrate directly through the contact information on the company’s official website.

2、Use domain name search tools:

Taking the uncrate website as an example, we can easily find out the owner and contact information of this domain name, and we can communicate with the owner of this blog through the above contact information.

3、Contact existing businesses on the blog

Find the merchants that have been displayed on these blogs and contact them directly to see if they can provide some contact information or detailed procedures and precautions for placing products on the website.


Find an author on LinkedIn and send them a friend request. But make sure that the messages we send are sincere and targeted, and not too long.


If we can find their facebook profile, we can also leave them a message on facebook. Because many people set their Facebook account as a private account, don’t worry too much if you don’t receive a reply.


Tweet them directly on Twitter, and the company or blog they wrote for.  This tool can help us analyze this information in depth.

Check if there is a phone number to leave a voicemail for them. This can be used as our last resort and make sure to be fast and concise.

7、Analyze your competitors

Another good way to find these blogs or celebrity resources is to check the external links of competitors. This method is very simple.

We can use this tool to view:

Enter the domain name of our competitor.

Take zaful as an example: From this list, we can clearly know where our competitors are getting traffic, so we can also contact these websites.

In addition to Open Site Explorer, the tools for analyzing external links can also help you with the following tools:



Majestic SEO:

SEO SpyGlass:

Five, take the initiative

You will find that if we send the same email to everyone, many times we will not get a response.

What we are looking for is a long-term partnership, not a one-time cooperation, so we can contact them every time we have a new product.

We can take the following measures to help us get a response as much as possible:

You need to have a very attractive headline, the headline must be able to quickly grab the attention of others, can make them have the urge to open the e-mail immediately (on the importance of the headline party), here is a recommendation, the headline avoid using all capital letters.
You can also put your phone number in the email (depending on the situation) so that they can contact you at any time if they have any questions.
Provide them with free product samples.
Add something distinctive to the email.
If they do not respond, follow up again in a week.

This is a negative example. We must not send emails to others like this, because we will have no friends.

This look is just copying and pasting mass mailings, without any sincerity. These bloggers and celebrities will care about you~

With a little change, it becomes a positive example worthy of our study and reference.

It may take us a lot of time to send personalized emails to every blogger, but believe me, it is definitely worth it.
The following email templates can be used as a reference for everyone:
Email subject:
Quick request
Have you heard about [name of your product or company]
Hey there! Just trying to connect
Hey [their name]—check us out!

Mail templates for reference:
Template 1:
Hey [name]!
Just emailing you today as I saw your most recent post about [subject related to yours]. I’m a huge fan of your work, and was wondering if you would be interested in learning more about our product.
I’ve started a business selling and it’s been selling like hotcakes. You can check it out here [link]. So far, people love it.
If you’d be interested in hearing more about it, let me know. You can reach me at [number]if you have any questions. I think your readers would love to try our product as well.
Let me know what you think.  I’d be more than happy to send a sample your way as well🙂
Talk to you soon,
[your name]
[contact info]
[website url]

Template 2:
Hey [name]!
Trying to reach out today to see if you’d be interested in checking out this new business I started. It’s called [name] and we sell , which is [description]. So far, people love it!
I think it would align well with what you’ve been writing about at [blog name] – we’d love it if you were the first to break the story. What do you think?
If you think you’d be interested in hearing more, let me know. I’d be more than happy to schedule a time to chat, and would love to send a sample your way.
[contact info]
[website url]

My name is [name] and I’m emailing you today to see if you’d be interested in writing about my new business, [business name]. We sell to add an extra bit of [pun] into your day.
[website url]
I think some of your readers would love to hear about [your product], what do you think?
I have tons of high quality pictures and more information if you need any. Can also send some samples your way!
Looking forward to your thoughts.
[contact info]
[website url]
If we want to write emails more conveniently, we can use this tool:

Welcome to

We can find and paste commonly used text, images and links by simply using abbreviations. I have been using it for a while. Take a look at how much time I saved by using it:

Use social forums to give full play to your advantages

We can use different social news platforms to obtain instant traffic and potential sales according to our own advantages.

These forums are very active. When journalists want to report on new business or new products for the first time, they usually look for topics in these forums.

Here are some popular platforms for us to recommend our products:

Product Hunt


Hacker News

Reddit is currently the easiest to use, allowing our products to be shown to potential buyers. Reddit’s monthly page views are huge, over 5 billion, which is a great way to get feedback on everything from store design to product pricing.

In the sub-directory of reddit, you will often see some new and fun products.

Take this website as an example:

Another option is to take advantage of the low cost of advertising on reddit. You can get highly targeted advertising for only $5 .

Seven, the snowball effect

Everything is difficult at the beginning. After taking the first step, things will be smoother. If our product has been shown on a product blog, then there is a chance that others will notice you and be willing Show your products.

Then it will be like a snowball, more and more people are willing to recommend your products.

If our products are sufficiently influential, they will get the attention of larger news media. Many websites will list partner information on the homepage. This is a very effective way to create social proofs and gain the trust of your website customers.


Many Shopify themes now come with a logo list section, so it is much easier to list partner information on the front desk of the website.

In addition to these themes you can buy on Shopify’s official website

We can also buy Shopify themes on Themeforest, which will be cheaper than buying directly on the official website.

Written at the end:

A piece of content that can go viral, remember that it can bring huge long-term growth to our sales.

We will find that using news reports obtained by celebrities and product blogs may be more effective than sending news releases directly. Therefore, the seven points mentioned above are worthy of your study.