Shopify Dropshipping operation complete guide-2020 latest

This is a Shopify e-commerce tutorial. After reading this Shopify strategy, you will master basic operation skills, off-site drainage methods, and knowledge of SEO and SEM. Below I have listed the most important content of Shopify. How does Shopify do well? I personally think that products, patience and skills are indispensable. For products, this operation tutorial is mainly for Dropshipping. This Shopify tutorial will also share with you how to operate a Shopify store for free, including joining and social platform marketing.

  1. Shopify opening

  2. Shopify payment

  3. Selection

  4. Dropshipping

  5. Essential plug-ins and shop decoration

  6. Facebook drains cheap traffic

  7. Social platform marketing tool sharing

  8. Affiliate Program

  9. Drain traffic by advertising

  10. How to do SEO on Shopify

  11. How to do well off-site SEO for Shopify

  12. Shopify RMB settlement

  13. How is the Shopify Drop Shipping market in 2020

Shopify opening

Just follow the official steps to open a shop on Shopify, and it is recommended to use real information. First of all, I personally do not recommend sellers to use foreign virtual fake addresses. Because Shopify is very strict recently, the address will also be reviewed, and you need to submit relevant address proof materials. In other words, unnecessary fraud will only cause you trouble. Not to mention that such virtual address fraud involves violating Shopify’s official T&S. In other words, your funds may be frozen because of your false information.

It is now 2020, please use your real address information and payment information to avoid unnecessary losses.

Enter Shopify shop official website, then select the top right corner of Start free trial. For the next steps, just follow the official steps of Shopify and fill in step by step.

Shopify opening

Shopify payment methods and payment

The second step that Shopify needs to consider after opening a store is to pay.
First, remember a few points:

  1. The cooperation between Paypal and Lianlian Pay has ceased. In ancient times, it was possible to transfer Paypal money directly back to China through continuous payment.

  2. Paypal is no longer the first choice. In addition to the ability of Paypal to cooperate with continuous payments, there is another way to play is to transfer money from Paypal to payoneer, and then transfer money from payoneer back to China. But Paypal has banned the binding of payoneer to newly opened accounts. So if your paypal has not been bound to payoneer before, then you can choose to give up using paypal to collect payments, otherwise it will be difficult for you to transfer the money back to China.

  3. Pingpong is a good choice. Currently Pingpong is an official partner of Shopify. You can directly use Pingpong to collect money and transfer the money back to China. Pingpong’s rate is 1%.

Pingpong registration link . Go to the official website and register directly. Please use your real information to avoid unnecessary fund freezing and loss. At present, the state has very strict management of domestic and foreign capital flows, very, very strict.

Shopify selection

The first step in Shopify’s product selection is keyword research. This is the first step I personally recommend. Keyword research mainly uses Google Adwords and Google Trends. The following are considerations for keyword research:

  1. Basically all the keys are fierce competition on a global scale.

  2. There are many keywords that have good traffic and very little competition in some target countries.

  3. Your task is to find your own target market and target product.

  4. For example, memory foam mattresses may compete fiercely on a global scale, but there is little competition in some countries in Africa, and there is a certain amount of traffic.

  5. All you need is this type of keyword and target market in point 4.

Shopify Dropshipping

Shopify Dropshipping mode is to ship on behalf of. You don’t need to prepare any inventory, you just need to submit the order online and someone will ship the goods for you. This model can better solve the financial pressure of the new website and stockpile inventory. At present, Oberlo is the most popular method of delivery. Oberlo has a good selection and inventory. Some products can still be found on AliExpress. Oberlo needs a free version, so you don’t have to worry about the upfront cost.

Shopify Drop shipping

Shopify Dropshipping Oberlo

Shopify personalized products

There is a plugin called Printful: PrintonDemand . This plug-in is also a dropshipping model, but according to your needs, it will help you complete personalized clothing and other printing products. Whether you want to print a cup, a t-shirt, or a bra, there is no problem.

Amazon mover

Some self-built sites directly carry Amazon products and rely on the Amazone plugin. I don’t know if it is boring or effective, but I can still recommend it to everyone.

Introduction of AliExpress evaluation

Sometimes the product page is afraid of missing some content. You can also import evaluations through plugins. After you import products into your shopify store in Oberlo, you can use plugins like Fireapps to fill your product pages with reviews. The principle is actually to copy and paste the evaluation of AliExpress.

Shopify shop

If you want to shop on Shopify with very high shelf and delivery efficiency, you can use a tool called Dropified . He can help you accelerate a lot of efficiency in the mode of mass distribution.

Shopify plugin must-have list

There are many plugins for Shopify, here is a list of what I personally think every shopify store will need.

  • Globo Related Products: This plugin can display related products at the bottom of each product. Improve conversion rate, reduce bounce rate artifact.

  • MailChimp Forms by MailMunch: This plug-in can automatically pop up a window, invite visitors to leave their mailbox, and follow the updated information of your website.

  • Shogun Page Builder: Can help you complete Wix-like fancy page design, so you can have a variety of cooler blog pages.

  • Oberlo: Plug-in for Dropshipping mode to help you choose and ship products

  • Dropified: Automated dropshipping and delivery, suitable for use with Oberlo.

  • Fireapps: Import AliExpress product reviews to make product pages more content.

  • Printful: Personalized dropshipping can help you complete all personalized product orders.

  • LoyaltyLion rewards & referral: to help you better build your own membership and loyal customer system.

  • Refersion: Alliance plug-in.

  • Google Shopping: Binding Google Shopping function.

  • Facebook Shopping: Binding Facebook Shopping function.

Shopify drains cheap Facebook traffic

One link in Shopify’s drainage is to introduce cheap traffic from Facebook. In 2020, cheap traffic has basically disappeared. But you can still try Facebook ads. The main premise is that your product is unique enough and not a popular product. At this point in time, we need to focus more on other cheap but potentially inefficient traffic channels.

Facebook group control has long expired

It is an indisputable fact that Facebook group control will expire in 2019. Companies and individuals that sell Facebook group control will boast that you can gain tens of thousands of fans in one minute. In the real world, this marketing method has been driven to extinction by Facebook’s algorithm and has long since failed. A group control system costs at least 1,000-30000 from the purchase to the training and use, and many sellers just don’t understand this. Maintaining a group control system also requires high-quality IP, and it also needs to spend hundreds to thousands of IP fees every month. Finally, the group control system is available, and you are willing to pay for the ip maintenance fee. The premise is that you must have a qualified facebook account to operate. And first tell you in advance that these ip and facebook accounts will definitely be detected by Facebook through various algorithms and methods, and then will be challenged with account and verification codes.

So before diverting and discussing cheap traffic, I beg you to stop being cut by others.

Facebook is enough to have a large size

At present, the source of cheap traffic is still a refined account. Many people who do Shopify now raise a Facebook account by themselves, and then enter the group where the relevant potential customers are located, and then check their presence with others. ? At the appropriate time to publish advertising content.

You may want to complain about the inefficiency of this method, but it itself is a cheap source of traffic. Nowadays, domestic logistics providers who do cross-border services, many VAT providers are lurking in the normal seller group like this. Then once a seller inquires about related services, these service providers will immediately jump out to answer and grab orders.

For more Shopify drainage tips, you can check out my latest drainage strategy below.


Social platform marketing tool sharing

Currently, social platforms, including blog marketing tools often used are as follows:

  • Later: generally used for Instagram marketing

  • Tailwind: used for Pinterest delayed sending

  • Sendible: can manage multiple social platforms

  • Blog search engine: sometimes it’s useful to find blogs

  • Pixlee: Mainly Instagram

  • Buffer: automatic posting on social media, time management

  • Hootsuite: Manage a large number of social media accounts in batches while also analyzing marketing effects.

  • SparkToro: Twitter analysis

  • iWriter: When social marketing, you can come up and find relevant people to help you write soft articles

Affiliate Program for Shopify Drainage

There is also an important means for Shopify to drain traffic, that is, Affiliate. The Aff project is like an offline agent. Once you have a product, others will sell it for you. Once the transaction is completed, you will give him a commission. This is an indispensable link in Internet marketing. Here is a plug-in Refersion for Amway. You can directly use Refersion’s alliance system to quickly develop your distribution offline.

Refersion of shopify drainage

Drain traffic by advertising

At present, the mainstream in Shenzhen in China is still taking the form of Facebook+Shopify to attract traffic. I personally agree, because after all, the road to SEO is very long, and not all sellers can afford it. If it is the operation mode of Facebook+Shopify, short-term benefits can be seen faster.

I won’t talk more about Facebook ads here because of the limited time. I will go back and update the content of this section.

How to do SEO on Shopify

On-site SEO can find a good direction from this long article on on- site SEO I wrote . Mainly involves the following points.

  1. Research competitors and keywords

  2. URL optimization

  3. Use HTML tags appropriately

  4. Enough text content

  5. Reasonable use of video content

  6. Use and optimize pictures

  7. Use internal chain

  8. Use architecture tags

  9. FAQ area before and after construction

  10. Construct comment area and forum area

  11. Ensure that the phone is adaptive

  12. Use keywords reasonably in 12 places

Offsite SEO

There are also many forms of off-site SEO, and the dominant one is still off-chain. And the most important method of station group . If you don’t want to be a station group, you can also try to buy it on Fiverr, but I personally think that the quality of Fiverr is generally not high.

Shopify collection

How is the Shopify dropshipping market in 2020

The Shopify Dropshipping market in 2020 is not very optimistic, but it is still barely a route for personal entrepreneurship. The advantage of Shopify dropshipping is still low inventory pressure and low capital pressure. It is a necessary condition for many small sellers, because after all, not everyone has more than 100,000 yuan to suppress inventory. But if I really want to choose, I personally prefer to work hard to develop the supply chain, and then shopify independent station strives to only sell single products. It is a good choice to open the market through this strategy, and it is far easier to make sales than the dropshipping model. Because consumers are becoming more and more savvy now, it is really not easy to catch a cold on bad street stuff. Therefore, sellers also need to be like Amazon in self-built stations, focusing on the boutique route.