How to make Facebook’s creatives stand out?

Let’s write about Facebook ads.

Now Facebook’s algorithm changes in three days and one in five days. It’s hard to say an advertisement, you can stick to it in the end.

So, what good advertising strategies can we have that can make our Facebook ads a little more prominent?

We know that in content marketing, the most important thing is that the content meets the following points:

  • Good correlation

  • Interesting

  • Useful for people

Only such content will not be treated as spam by users. When we do Facebook advertising, we should also follow this strategy.

Okay, so what is a good job?

There is one method that is the easiest to judge, that is, how much engagement your ad has. You can judge it by likes, comments, and sharing of the ad. You can do an advertising test on Facebook to see if it can arouse the interest of followers.

If Followers are interested, you can follow this path to copy your ad. Advertising costs will not be very expensive. After the effect of advertising promotion, it will bring you more sales and achieve greater profits.

So the question is, does your store use the best Facebook advertising strategy? Remember that we can’t just publish an advertisement for the Facebook advertisement we do, just wait to see the effect. You must have the correct advertising strategy to achieve the effect of advertising.

The first step here is that you must first find the right advertising audience, then have an advertising goal, and finally what advertising strategy you use to help achieve your advertising goals, these are all you need to consider carefully.

Pay attention to the collection of customer mail.

If you didn’t pay attention to collecting customer emails when you started advertising, I think this might waste a lot of opportunities. Well, if this topic is carried out seriously, there is actually a lot to talk about, but have you found that foreigners often do it when it comes to marketing, putting a long line to catch the big fish?

That is, they know very clearly what is called cold traffic and hot traffic.This is actually a selection process about the user funnel, and email is actually a good funnel.

Everyone who does Facebook knows that advertising will bring you a certain increase in sales, but generally speaking, an advertisement with a good effect cannot last for a long time, and sales will decline after a period of time.

However, if you pay attention to collecting customer emails from the beginning, you can remind them by email what kind of discounts your store will have, which will help attract repeat customers, without you having to cultivate new potential customers. Also, if your advertising funnel does not make customers buy, and there are a lot of abandoned shopping carts, then it will appear that advertising costs are spent, but there is no advertising effect.

Therefore, it is much easier to maintain previous customers than to find new customers, and the cost is lower. If it is a loyal user, the conversion rate will be very good, so it is very useful for e-mail collection.

Next, let’s talk about the strategy of FB advertising, especially in terms of creatives. How do we stand out? 

Regarding FB advertising, you must first know the difference between it and Google advertising. If a customer searches for a product on Google, they generally have an intention to buy the product. But to advertise on FB, you need to know that users on FB are to interact and communicate with friends, not to buy things.

Therefore, most of the audience of FB advertising has no intention to buy. They may be interested in your advertisement and will click on the advertisement to see it, but it is not likely to buy it immediately, and usually leave soon.

Here are a few advertising strategies to help you turn users who have no intention of buying into your potential users.

—  1  —

for customer

Exciting products

First of all, ask everyone a question, what kind of advertising do you think can provide customers with excitement? Or from another perspective, when does the product give users the most excitement? Is it right? Generally, customers are most excited when they open a product and see the details of the product. Think about it, are we particularly happy when we unpack the express?

This gives us an enlightenment. Can advertising give customers a feeling of holding the product in their hands?

If users can experience the visual and sensation of physical store consumption through your advertisement, will they feel very excited? On Youtube, you can also see many similar video advertisements about the happy appearance of people seeing the goods after receiving the express delivery and opening the package. Such advertisements are simple, direct and effective, and can provide customers with an incentive and promote customers. Purchase behavior.

—  2  —

Display contrast

Vision has an impact, especially high-contrast advertisements can increase the click-through rate. Human eyes are more sensitive to color, and high-contrast advertisements can grab people’s attention at once. Some products have variant products, and some products provide customized services. If you adjust the contrast of each advertisement to make each advertisement stand out, it will undoubtedly have a good visual effect.

For example, the Nike advertisement above uses this strategy. Each shoe uses a different background color, which creates a strong visual contrast, which can attract everyone’s attention.

Ads can also swipe to the right to view more variant shoes. The visual effect of this ad is great and it can increase the click-through rate of the ad. In addition, pay attention to placing a product link in the advertisement. For customizable products, this strategy is also applicable. Different customization features can use different contrasts, different colors, and the description will change accordingly.

There is also a comparison chart of the effect before and after use of the product. The effect comparison chart before and after use of the product allows customers to intuitively see what effect your product has, and it will also bring excitement to customers.

It’s important to see the product in kind, but it’s more important to have a feedback.

The Blue Apron advertisement as shown above is a comparison chart of the effect of fast food. The front is the appearance when the package is just opened, and the back is the display of the finished product after the food is processed.

Does such a comparison chart give people a great temptation? There are many examples of this, for example, you can show a comparison chart before and after using a certain skin care product, you can also show a certain decoration to make your bedroom unique, or put on a skirt to make the whole person more attractive .These can be made into a comparison chart, which gives customers a great incentive.

Ps: The comparison chart in the advertisement is forbidden to expand the effect, otherwise it will be rejected or blocked.

—  3  —

Highlight the product

Competitive Advantage

If your product has an advantage over competitors’ products, then you should highlight it in your advertising. If your competitors are well-known brands, it will be more helpful for publicity.

Ordinary users will easily identify well-known brands, and your products are better than well-known brands in some aspects. This will undoubtedly give customers a lot of confidence, and the chances of buying your products will be greater.

This is an ad for Microsoft Surface, which highlights the advantages of MacBooks compared to MacBooks-there are more pixels, which can help users save money.

Because MacBooks is an already recognized brand, people usually think that MacBooks will be better, but after Surface highlights its advantages, it will win more customers for itself.

—  4  —

Product creation

Exclusivity and exclusivity

We saw the following advertisement, which is a razor advertisement, and the advertiser is Dollar Shave Club. We saw that it used some words in the advertisement, such as ” our members “, “club“, etc. It is an exclusive small group, showing a sense of superiority .

This gives customers a feeling of wanting to join their group and become a part of them.

More importantly, you can make customers interested in exploring your brand story, user experience, etc. through this exclusivity. The above are some of the relatively new FB advertising strategies, but I still want to remind you that these advertising strategies will not work immediately, and it may take a while to have obvious results.

And there are some strategies that are not applicable to some shops. How to use them will have the best effect. You need to test and research by yourself. The most important thing is that you have to think about what your customers think, satisfy their ideas and solve their problems. Of course, you can’t just consider what customers are thinking, and sometimes you have to go beyond their thinking to guide their needs and make them attracted by your advertisement.