Lasting Glow Eyeshadow UV Glow In The Dark


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Quantity:1 pc
Shelf Life:3 years
Brand New
Texture:Matte Shimmer
Weight:about 190g
DE’LANCI Aurora Glow Eyeshadow For Eye,Face, Body, Hair and most surfaces. 24 COLOR bright eyeshadow including 5 pentagram flaky glitters – Glow anywhere with UV light/ black light. 5 Matte Shadows & 6 Pressed Glitter Neon eyeshadow Glows In the dark brightly under UV (ultraviolet) lighting. Colors are beautiful and bright in normal lighting but only glow when there is UV / Blacklight. 8 colors eyeshadow in normal.

For kids birthday party, disco dance floor, Midnight rave run, night events, stage performance, fancy dress costume themed parties, plays, cosplay, Halloween zombie, animal, witch or Christmas, halloween makeup. For Professionals or beginners, Adults or children.
How to Use:

7 Matte Pressed Powder Neon eyeshadow Glows In the dark brightly under UV (ultraviolet) lighting
Health and safe ingredients and great quality, Hypoallergic, skin friendly, Cruelty free. Colors easy to apply & wash off. As with all cosmetics, a small skin patch test is recommended before using.

Package Included:
1* Eyeshadow Palette


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