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Inspired by old school design, this Vintage Mini Wireless Speaker is sure to bring back great memories! You didn’t have to live through the 80’s to appreciate them and this mini speaker is the embodiment of iconic, old school television! The only difference? This little television has surround sound with built-in, high-fidelity speakers that deliver crystal clear, surround sound every single time, and that sure isn’t old school! Features: 

  • Retro Design- The very essence of the 1980’s has been captured in this classic and iconic old school television design.
  • Surround Sound- HD sound quality, delivers excellent stereo sound with enhanced bass. It’s just like being in on the scene!
  • Bluetooth Capability-  It’s easy to sync up with your phone or computer to watch anything you like. Works with any Bluetooth compatible electronic device.
  • Extended Battery Life-  Long lasting battery will run for up to 8 hours straight, without slowing down or buffering every 5 minutes.
  • USB Charger-  Ready to recharge? Simply plug it into any USB before bedtime and it’ll be ready when you wake up.
  • Phone Holder-  Watching something good on your phone? Awesome! Just slip your phone into the stand to enjoy hands-free entertainment.
  • Colors- Available in brown or white

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