Southeast Asian National Style Shawl


The shawl with tassels in classic pure color is fashionable, timeless and multi-color options to meet your different daily needs.

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Shawl, also called the Yun Jian, mostly made of silk satin brocade. Most Yun Jian is composed of four morie patterns, called the style of Sihe Ruyi (which means auspicious and good luck). Additionally, there are styles of willow-leaf and lotus with topics of peony, longevity,rich and having a surplus in the successive years, etc. It was popular in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Most of them were used in social occasion such as weddings and banquets.

The shawl can be matched in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Gorgeous woman style, strong exotic flavor.

It is beautiful to wear for work.

Wearing it to the party will make you the center of attention.

In addition, it can be used as a gift for your fashionable and beautiful girlfriend.

It can add a lof of excitement to the journey.

Especially when you go to countries in Southeast Asia, like India and Nepal. No matter how modern you are, if you put on this shawl, you will become an indigenous person in a second.

It can protect you from the sun and keep you warm, also it is stylsh simultaneously.

Red style

Shining, hospitality,sexy,bright,eye catching. You may bring it in your bag and use it when you feel cold, need to take photos and at most occasions.

Black & white style

This style is suitable for many formal occasions. It is classic, powerful, influencial,mature, grand and maganificent, especially fit for successful business leaders, authorities, officers and someone who want be such ladies.



Deep blue style

Rational & gentle. It suitable for office work if you are an accountant, lawyer, teacher, or any other jobs relating thinking and communication.It is very helpful for your work or study.

Big flower style

Wanna be special or you are a shinning star already, your scarf express you well. No one will forget you when you appear at an occasion with hundreds of guys. It brings love and wealthy



Brown white style

If you wear small size dress and intend to melt into other office girls and passagers. Don’t miss it. It brings wealthy and good relationship, suitable for trainee, seller and the one who want to be rich.

Blue elephant style

Rational and characteristics,fasion, special. Lucky and attractive.




Green white style

I am young and gentle, healthy and easy going,pure and nice, nice choice to be girl friend!

Hand pineapple style

Free size. Nice for everyone. Healing with touch.Accompany forever. Eternal love. Wealthy at any time. The best gift for your loved one including he or she, and whole family members.


Orange square style

The relationship between you and your mother, you and the others. The best choice to make a close relationship with mum or others such like customer through this amazing scarf.

Red lion queen style

I am the champion, I am the lion queen. If I can’t do it, who can?

Buyer Reading

  • About flaws

Due to material and process problems, some shawls may have thread ends, small hairs, slight smudges, etc. They can be cleaned out.The size is manually measured. The shawl has a certain degree of elasticity and contractility. Hence, there may be a little error, which does not affect wearing.

  • About color difference

Due to the color deviation of lighting and display, there is a color difference between real product and the picture, which is not a product quality problem. Please understand.

  • About delivery

Since the shawl is packaged with OPP bags, it may be damaged during international transportation. We will try to use express bags. Please open and inspect as soon as possible when receiving the goods. If there is any damage, please contact us.

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Black & white style, Red style, Deep blue style, Big flower style, Brown white style, Blue elephant style, Green white style, Hand pineapple style, Orange square style, Red lion queen style, Black flower style


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