Peach Blossom-shaped Jun Porcelain Cup for Teachers


Original Design, Hand Finishing, PeachBlossom-shaped Jun Porcelain Cup for Teachers.

Taking the pattern of natural peach blossom as the design material and “Plum the whole country” to appreciate teacher , the peach blossom-shaped Jun porcelain cup is made of natural slime and unique glaze. It is hand-finished by craftsmen after 72 processes and two-time firing.




Jun Porcelain is a kind of Chinese porcelain with unique glaze color and reputation of historical value, traditional craftsmanship and artistic style. Nearly 1,500 years ago, Jun porcelain originated in the Central Plain of ancient China. Due to her natural elegance, the emperor of Tang Dynasty (618-907) removed Jun porcelain from the list of sacrificial objects. In addition, the eighth emperor of Song Dynasty (1082-1135) ordered Guan ware (a royal kiln) to be built in Juntai in today’s Yuzhou, Henan Province, to produce porcelain wares for the palace only.

The ore of different materials must go through over 70 processes to become the final Jun porcelain wares. This working process was created and followed by the craftsmen of Tang Dynasty (1300 years ago), while they could only make monochrome Jun porcelain works. As craftsmen in Song Dynasty became more sophisticated in the working procedures, the chromatogram of Jun porcelain gained. From then on, Jun porcelain had a unique style of bright color, which was different from the pale color of ordinary porcelain wares.Jun porcelain masters grasped the processes during firing in the kiln. They controlled the temperature of kiln to be higher than 1300 degrees Celsius (about 2400 degrees Fahrenheit), the firing degree and angles, and the timing of drawing, in order to a gorgeous and brilliant glaze color. The precise control of the process requires taking full advantage of natural conditions or climatic influences, so as to achieve reasonable but unexpected surprises. Hence, it is fair to say that a unique Jun porcelain ware is a delicate combination of extreme skillfulness and efforts of craftsmen.

Original Design, Hand Finishing, Peach
Blossom-shaped Jun Porcelain Cup for Teachers.

Taking the pattern of natural peach blossom as the design material and “Plum the whole country” to appreciate teacher , the peach blossom-shaped Jun porcelain cup is made of natural slime and unique glaze. It is hand-finished by craftsmen after 72 processes and two-time firing.

Features of Products

Original design: taking the pattern of natural peach blossom as the design material, fused by pure and silent glaze color, the cup indicates “having students or generations all over the world”.It passes on gratitude and is appropriated for both giving presents and self-use.
Natural Material: the raw materials of billet and glaze are 100% natural ore in source area.
Manual Craftsmanship: hand finishing, multiple glazing and double firing.
Natural Fambe: the glaze flows naturally at a high temperature of 1,300ºC, presenting unique color and pattern.
Oriental Aestheticism/ Traditional Aestheticism: Jun porcelain represents an aesthetic icon of the Song Dynasty for color, pattern, and shape.

Adoring World of JUN Porcelain

The introduction of glaze color: the special peach-blossom glaze of cup, which has plentiful layers, combines the stable purple glaze with pure celeste blue glaze under the raging fire.

Design Originality

Taking the pattern of natural peach blossom as the design material and “Plum the whole country”, peach blossom-shaped Jun porcelain cup for teachers fuses pure peach-blossom glaze and the fire of the kiln thousands years ago. “The peach tree beams so red, how brilliant are its flowers! The maiden’s getting wed, good for the nuptial bowers.”The teachers are unforgettable. They dyed the rest of their youth in the acres of peach trees.

   Production process

  1. Puddling
  2. Throwing
  3. Biscuit firing
  4. Glaze making
  5. Glazing
  6. Into the kiln
  7. Out of the kiln
  8. Selecting


Trade Name: Peach Blossom-shaped Jun Porcelain Cup for Teachers
Brand:ZORO Gigrav
Kiln Temperature:About 1300℃
Technology:Double Firing
Origin:Henan Province of China
Material:Jun Porcelain
Artistic Beauty: The peach tree beams so red, how brilliant are its flowers!

    Product Details

  1. The overall shape of the cup is soft and round with strong three-dimensional sense. The cup rim is mellow and smooth. The cup wall is well-proportioned. The bottom of cup is flat and stable after artificial fine polishing.
  2. The peach-blossom glaze is varied. It is formed naturally in fusion process of glaze and fambe at a high temperature of 1300 degree. It is romantic, calm and steadfast…..


· Soft cloth bag, artwork can be carried around.
  In order to facilitate transportation, bubble column packaging is adopted.
  If there are other packing requirements, please contact the customer service.
· The cup is not only a gift, but also an art work. It as well can be hot drink utensil for milk, coffee and tea in daily life.

Buyer Reading

  • About color difference

Due to the color deviation of lighting and display, there is a color difference between real product and the picture, which is not a product quality problem. Please understand.

  • About quality

Before delivery, we will select the products carefully and make them as flawless as possible. However, Jun porcelain is completely handmade with uncontrollable glaze color. Hence, each product is unique. It is a natural phenomenon that there is a variance in glaze color between the real product and photos in the website.

  • About delivery

Since porcelain is fragile, it may be damaged during international transportation. We will try to use anti-falling package such as bubble column. Please open and inspect as soon as possible when receiving the goods. If there is any damage, please contact us.

  • About maintenance

The stain is easy to penetrate the crackle of porcelain. It is useful to dip toothbrush in the acidic liquid and wipe it clean. When collecting precious porcelain, containers of the same size should be provided for its preservation.


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