Funny Chameleon Lizard Toy Mask Wagging Tongue


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Learning In The Game-Children can learn about pests and can also train hand-eye coordination.
Game Rules-Be quick to lick!Battle it out with your friends to lick as many insects as you can!The highest score wins!
Encourages number recognition, coordination, imaginative play
Wonderfully playful and creative
Blow through the tube in the mask to shoot the tongue out
Flip over a number card to decide which target card to aim for
Gane that are great fun from children to adults.Perfect for social and family bonding

Game Rules:

Wear the mask,set up the targets,flip a card,start the duel and win.


2 x chamelon masks(With 2 x mouth pieces and 4 x chameleon tongues)
10 x Stand-UP Targets
10 x Game Cards
1 x Game Rules


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