Dream spider silk jet – Start to be a superhero


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Recent years have seen an increase in backyard engineering, and no more so in the homemade superhero gadgetry. The latest gadget in your superhero arsenal is the functional Spider-Man web shooter.

This is a simple Spider-Man dream game, suitable for multiple people to play together. The important thing is to complete your dream, your child’s dream.

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After receiving your hand movement, the sticky spider silk will squirt out. You can take the coolest pose and start saving the earth with people.It can usually spray a distance of 3-5 meters.In particular, it has an exquisite appearance and combined pre-preparation actions, which makes it look even cooler.

How does it work?
The web shooters use a web firing technology that utilizes Neodymium rare earth magnets that can stick to any surface up to 9 feet away.


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