Bluetooth Music Eye Massager


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Power: 3.7V/950mA lithium polymer battery

Weight: 550g

Size: 150*95*170mm

Ambient temperature “0-40 degrees

Atmospheric pressure: 86KPA-106KPA


Relieve eye fatigue, dry eyes, sinus pressure and headache.

Maximum portability by rechargeable lithium battery

Folded into a leather case black travel

The eye massager features intelligent air pressure, vibration, massage and hot pressing massage techniques.

This wireless digital eye massager is controlled by a microcomputer chip that rubs, presses, heats and massages the eye to relieve tired eyes.

It has a built-in music player with pre-recorded natural sounds that can relax your brain and help you sleep better.

There are 3 different massage modes for massage, which can relax the muscles around the eyes and improve blood circulation.

Luxury: constant temperature hot compress + vibration massage + Bluetooth music + air pressure massage
Privileges: Vibration massage + Bluetooth music + air pressure massage + two-level hot compress + two-level air pressure massage

 classic style:

  1. Constant temperature hot compress
    2. Bluetooth Music
    3. Air pressure massage

Luxury models:
1. Constant temperature hot compress
2. Vibration massage
3. Bluetooth music
4. Air pressure massage

Exclusive money:
1. Vibration massage
2. Bluetooth Music
3. Second heat
4. Air pressure massage
5. Second-grade air pressure massage


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