Ab Wheel Roller for Home Gym


  • THICKENED STEEL PIPE: High-quality thick stainless steel roller and can withstand high-intensity exercise. It can be used by almost all men and women of weight. Built-in rebound system makes it easy to return.
  • FAST BURNING FAT: Targeted, faster to burn belly fat.Complete 3 sets of movements, you can feel the heat of the abdomen. Compared with sit-ups, it can reduce the pressure on the lower back and avoid straining the lower back muscles.
  • MULTI-ANGLE WORK: Widen wheel and ergonomic handles, ensuring smooth rolling, supporting forward and bevel work. Supporting a full progress of abdominal arm chest exercise and making exercise more interesting.
  • WEAR-RESISTANT & MUTE: It is composed of an anti-slip layer, reinforcing layer, shock-absorbing layer, sound-absorbing layer, and a support layer. It is wear-resistant and does not hurt the floor, and has a good mute effect.
  • BEST CHOICE: If you also want to have healthy muscles and lines, do it now. Our abdominal muscles can help you reach it quickly.


1. Begin in a kneeling position at the back of a yoga mat, resting one hand on each end of the ab wheel handles directly below your chest. This is your starting position.

2. Inhale. Exhale. While maintaining a neutral spine and stabilising through your abdominals, lean forward and allow the ab wheel to roll forwards, extending your arms out in front of you. Ensure that you only roll as far as you can while still maintaining your core and spinal alignment, to avoid placing excessive load on your lower back.

3. Using your abdominals, pull the ab wheel backwards along the length of the mat to return to the starting position. Repeat for the specified number of repetitions.


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