E-Seven Cross-border Supply Chain

E-Seven (Ningbo) Cross-border Supply Chain Co. Ltd, established in 2017, is a leader in professional business of eCommerce online stores and Dropshipping agent in Ningbo city, Zhejiang Province, China. Additionally, it is the only platform in Ningbo that focuses on branding corss-border eCommerce online stores and international supply chain services.

After more than two years of rapid development and accumulation of experience, we have set up an exellent domestic procurement and cross-border supply chain sharing platform. We have clusters of professional eCommerce online stores. Moreover, we summed up a new business model of cross-border eCommerce. As the top cross-border service platform in actual shipments in Ningbo, E-Seven has formed industry connections with the government, universities and society at all levels. We are deeply aware of the potential and advantages of professional branding eCommerce online stores in the field of cross-border eCommerce.

Two years of practice and exploration let us deeply understand that cross-border eCommerce online store, along with derivative platform services, is an important way for domestic companies to go global and build overseas brands. Especially after COVID-19, the services of cross-border eCommerce online stores can provide good opportunities for the transformation and upgrading of many small and medium foreign trade enterprises without the restrictions of foreign service platforms and policy restrictions.

Empower Chinese brands, takeoff with the world.

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