She Who Doesn’t In Her Right Scarf Is Not A True Lady

What does a scarf mean for a lady?


Every lady has her scarf, some of them has one, some of them has dozens, some of them has hundreds or more. If you are in a right scarf, you feel confidence, brilliant, harmonious, love your self, proud of yourself. But at another day without a scarf or in a wrong one, you feel unconfidence, some thing is wrong, every thing is wrong.

How to pick out the right scarf?

But do you really understand what does the scarf speak? Do you really know how to pick out the right one for which role, for which date, for which occasion, for which purpose? It is really a big lesson to have. We need to consider many factors. Are there any easy way to pick out the right one? Yes. I will help you to pick out the right one after read this article.

3 Steps to follow

So, in order to give ladies a fast direction, I have picked out 10 styles and translated the language of the scarves into English Version.
Step one, close your eyes for one or two minutes, stop to think any thing, just let your mind have a rest, stay in love and peace.
Step two, open your eyes and read below language of scarves.
Step three, close your eyes again, and pick up the one your heart love and click the relevant link to order it to treat yourself with what you love.

Language of scarves

Black & white style


This style is suitable for many formal occasions. It is classic, powerful, influencial,mature, grand and maganificent, especially fit for successful business leaders, authorities, officers and someone who want be such ladies.


Red style

Shining, hospitality,sexy,bright,eye catching. You may bring it in your bag and use it when you feel cold, need to take photos and at most occasions.

Deep blue style


Rational & gentle. It suitable for office work if you are an accountant, lawyer, teacher, or any other jobs relating thinking and communication.It is very helpful for your work or study.

Big flower style


Wanna be special or you are a shinning star already, your scarf express you well. No one will forget you when you appear at an occasion with hundreds of guys. It brings love and wealthy.

Brown white style


If you wear small size dress and intend to melt into other office girls and passagers. Don’t miss it. It brings wealthy and good relationship, suitable for trainee, seller and the one who want to be rich.

Blue elephant style

Rational and characteristics,fasion, special. Lucky and attractive.


Green white style

I am young and gentle, healthy and easy going,pure and nice, nice choice to be girl friend!


Hand pineapple style


Free size. Nice for everyone. Healing with touch.Accompany forever. Eternal love. Wealthy at any time. The best gift for your loved one including he or she, and whole family members.

Orange square style


The relationship between you and your mother, you and the others. The best choice to make a close relationship with mum or others such like customer through this amazing scarf.

Red lion queen style

I am the champion, I am the lion queen. If I can’t do it, who can?


Now you are a true lady

Yes. Now you know how to pick out the right scarf for yourself or for your loved ones. You are a true lady with confidence and love. Always love yourself and love others too. Click it right now as you deserve it!

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